A guide to building stronger relationships with your correspondent banking partners

Speak the same language as your correspondents and generate new business

In this whitepaper, we help your institution avoid some of the pitfalls that respondent banks typically make when managing relationships with their correspondent partners. Learn how to get ahead of the competition through streamlined KYC and reporting methods, and how to use the latest data and technology to maximise business and revenue opportunities.


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Demonstrate your value

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Reduce your financial crime risk

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Unlock more partnerships

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Your how-to-guide for productive correspondent banking relationships

This guide explains how to tailor your proposal to correspondent risk appetite, and covers:

  • How the relationship between correspondent and respondent banks works
    • Managing your financial crime risk exposure
    • Demonstrating value in the relationship
    • Navigating customer due diligence
  • The limitations of the current correspondent banking system and how to leverage this
  • How to use data and tech to strengthen your business relationships
  • How Elucidate helps you assess institutional risk and speed up KYC processes