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Risk Pricing

Price your respondents' transaction fees based on financial crime risk.

With Risk Pricing for correspondent banking, you'll create new revenue streams and offset management costs, all while incentivising your banking partners to upgrade their financial crime risk programmes.

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Risk Based Pricing for financial crime


Data-driven prices to incentivise better financial crime controls.

Data-driven prices to strengthen client relationships

In the current system, correspondent banks charge respondents according to transaction volume, regardless of their risk exposure. As the transaction volume increases, the fee per transaction decreases.This means that banking partners are not incentivised to upgrade their financial crime controls for high-risk transactions. Therefore, financial crime continues to persist and financial institutions must bear the financial crime risk others impose on them.

With Elucidate's Risk Pricing, your institution is provided with data-driven pricing assessments based on the risk score of banks in your portfolio.

The result? You can be transparent about pricing with your respondents, provide indications for risk remediations, and reduce financial crime risk in your portfolio by allocating risk costs to the point of origin.

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Elucidate is the data analysis and ratings company for financial crime risk, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Its mission is to create a market infrastructure for how public and private institutions make decisions about financial crime and manage it; developing products for them to establish, manage, and delight their business relationships.